Advantages and disadvantages of 5G Networks on our societies

5G wireless network

All of us talked about 5G network in India but we are not aware of their advantages and disadvantages. And what are the advantages of 5G network over 4G network, today I am going to discuss about this hot talk about benefits and difficulties of 5G networks in India or in World.

Advantages of 5G wireless network

There are lots of benefits of 5G network such as a student sitting in any part of world can attend the class. High resolution bandwidth are coming in place of low 4G bandwidth and our data transfer, browsing, downloading all this became easy and do it as a blink of eye that is not possible in present wireless network. Our expected time of 5G network is in2020 because lots of technical issue are coming in the way and main issue is its high (6 GHZ) frequency, this high frequency is matched to radio frequency and unfortunately, radio frequency is already crowded by many other frequencies such as satellite frequencies. Etc. Increased Bandwidth for all user and increased bandwidth means high speed data when we use 3G our bandwidth speed approx. in kbps then 4G LTE came with 100 mbps bandwidth speed and our downloading and browsing became easier as compare to 3G wireless network and now we are talking about 5G network, please think about the speed of our bandwidth and how smooth our technology run in this process. Due to advance technology Doctors provide their treatment in any remote part of the world, our government can monitor our cities from anywhere and crime level will decrease accordingly, we easily track missing one with the help of better technology, natural disaster may track easily and we operate our desktop with our handset. New technology options may available with better wireless 5G network.

Early research said that smartphones operates on 5G network may be operate on speed that is thousand times faster than present network. We became able to do our work on smartphone easily due to high speed network but at present we do it on our laptop and desktop so our future became more comfortable on our smartphones for browsing and mailing. Our generation shifted from the world of desktop to the world of smartphone with new technology. This technology open new door for smart device technology that may not be available till and what kind of new application running on this 5G Network?

Disadvantages of 5G wireless network

Every technology has some merits and d-merits 5G networks have some, high frequency impact the life of some creatures, we don’t neglect this because it harm our environment. Radio frequency is matched with this frequency first we fixed this. Lots of smartphone became useless, it can be replaced with newer one and it became costly for consumers. Developing infrastructure needs high cost. Security and privacy issue yet to be solved. An increased bandwidth means less coverage its means lots of network towers are installed in our cities for higher bandwidth and higher bandwidth creates higher radiation in our environment that became unhealthy for us.

Lot of advantages and disadvantages for 5G wireless network, while 5G network still under development and there is no doubt all information is coming from the research and report. This information is important because everyone wants to know what impact a 5G Wireless network is going to have on their usage of smartphones.

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