An Overview Of Online Counseling and Psychologist

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Overview Of Online Counseling and Psychologist

Speaking about counselors, What is an ideal frame of a picture that comes up in your mind?

Starting with a “no judgment approach” a free space where you are free to be yourself and express yourself without fear of being judged. An open space where you feel listened, valued and feel accepted. A feeling of being understood and safe with all your inner thoughts that you share would be between you and your therapist. And to sum up all these qualities “Unconditional positive regard” is what we seek from the counselors.

Characteristics Of a Counselor and Psychologist

These are the prerequisite characteristics everyone looks for in a counselor, and all these characteristics do not vary whether you meet a counselor in person or he/she is on a call with you. All that you want from a counselor does not go away when they are virtually in session with you. Online counseling or online psychologist can have the same experience as offline. Given that you are not going through a threatening situation. They are there for you to help you, in the most convenient way possible.

Effectiveness of Online Counseling and Online Psychologist

When we talk about the effectiveness of online counseling than there has been a number of researches stating the same. One of them being-

“There are a number of studies looking at telemedicine for different kinds of disorders and they tend to be amazingly effective,” – Mary Ann Dutton, professor and vice chair for research in the department of psychology at Georgetown University Medical Center. 

Today online counseling is becoming more popular for numerous reasons, one being in the top is the same outcome of the therapy goals as one would see in offline setup, second, a counselor can best facilitate the process while giving comfort and convenience to the client. Thirdly, their identity need not be compromised. thus they can choose to be anonymous.

What matters in the therapy is that the client feels safe, not judged and able to work on themselves with the help and assistance and become the therapist of their own life. Online counselor just provide you the right thing at the right time.

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