Best Homemade Chicken Curry Recipes in India.

Chicken Curry recipes

When we hear about party first thought is lots of chicken dishes are ready for dinner or lunch. But lots of peoples are finding difficulties to make delicious chicken curry in low times, that time taking chicken recipes may spoil the mood of guest.  Don’t worry about this I suggest you how to make best homemade chicken recipes.

Ingredient for Homemade Chicken Curry:-

Chicken 1 kg, Onion 300 to 400 gram, Tomato- no need but if you like then add approx. 100 gram in form of purry and Dahi(well mixed) or yogurt for marinating.

In spices-Haldi powder, Jira(Cumin) powder, Dhaniya Powder, Black pepper, Garam masala, Lal mirch powder, ginger & garlic paste and a whole garlic, mustard oil, Dhaniya leaves, Elaichi, Tejpatta  and salt to taste.

Chicken Curry recipes
Chicken Curry recipes

Process for Homemade Chicken Curry:-

Firstly Wash cut chicken with little warm water because cold water may harden the meat of chicken, then marinate it with 2 big spoon yogurt,1/2  table spoon haldi,1/2 table spoon  lal mirch, ½ table spoon salt, some oil and mix this whole chicken ingredient well and leave this for one to two hours.

Put pan on oven and wait for ½ minute and then pour mustard oil approx. 150 gram or if you want oilier then increase it up to 200 gram. Lots of people prefer oily chicken curry, when oil became hot then put some spices in it such as 10-20 gram cumin seeds, elaichi (4-5), tejpatta and whole small garlic. You may ask why small garlic, it’s my key ingredient and at last when you eat chicken then you take this garlic in your plate and suck the cloves of garlic; taste of this garlic is amazing. I always put one or two whole garlic in my chicken curry and I always like this taste, try it if you want. Pour small chopped onion in pan and fry it till it became reddish brown then add ginger garlic paste in it and fry it for two to three minute. Then my one more key ingredient came that is baking soda put ½ table spoon or little bit in you fried onion ginger garlic paste and wait for ½ minute. Lots of water drained from this mixture and due to baking soda all mixture became in purry form in 2 to 3 minute then add spices in it when all water became dry. Add 1 big table spoon haldi, 2 big table spoon Dhaniya, 1 Big table spoon Jira, 1 big table spoon black pepper, 1 big Table Spoon lal mirch, you also add 1 table spoon chicken masala mix it well and fry it for one to two minute the add tomato purry in it then fry it more 2 to 3 minute. Add marinated chicken in it and fry whole chicken in low flame for 5 to 10 minute or when oil came out from spices then add water and salt to taste and leave the pan for 10 minute. Dry whole water in pan and fry chicken for one minute then add dhaniya leaves ½ table spoon garam masala in it. You may also put water for more gravy but I prefer dry chicken curry. Decors it with some greener fine chopped dhaniya leaves on you plate.

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