Tips to Cope Up with Breakup Feeling

Breakup Feeling

Break up is very hard to deal, but you need to move on with your life for yourself and others who care for you. If you think about why your relationship didn’t work or you want to waste your time on thinking about whose fault this was, Not gonna help you, buddy. The main and important stuff is that she/he is gone from your life, your relationship is over now. I know that it’s easy to say move on but coping with the breakup feeling is not a cake walk. It will be worst if you both were involved in a long-time relationship, then a breakup is almost sarcastic. Everyone tells you that she/he didn’t deserve you and other types of stuff but you need to figure it out by yourself. Don’t push yourself, Follow these pieces of advice to deal with breakup feeling.

Cope Up with Breakup Feeling

Love Failure

1. Personal Time- One thing that everyone knows that it takes weeks to get over from break up phase. Now you are no longer in a relationship and this is the perfect time that you took your personal time and think about yourself, your goals, dreams that you wants to complete or achieve. Take your time to heal your wound.

2. Everything is All Right- The feeling of loss that you are having right now is normal for all the people who are dealing with a breakup. Don’t think that there is anything wrong with you, These are all normal feelings. If you want to cry then cry grief then grief, But remember that you need to cover a long journey, the journey of life. Don’t let breakup hold it.

3. Memories, Get Rid of Them – People often mistook by holding the memories and things about their ex. These gifts and memories and other stuff remind you about your relationship failure and only add up in your pain. Put all those material beyond your sight.

4. Eat Healthily- After a breakup people go into deep sorrow and pain they forgot about their meal some time. So it is necessary that you care for your diet. If it is ok then you should have some have chocolates which can magnify the movement of dopamine, the happy hormone and uplift your mood.

5. Do Interesting Things- Do whatever you enjoy the most. An interesting activity that can divert your thoughts from you break up and keep you happy. Go and embrace all the opportunity to enjoy life.

6. Time With Friends and Family- If you are in any kind of trouble only family and friends can help you and this is the time you spend time with them. Share your feelings with them and see how they make you feel happy and safe at your bad time.

In the last, Only wanted to say that this is not the end, its just a phase of life. Cope up with breakup feeling, Give yourself a new start and keep the experience, Use it to keep moving. If you need help then you can contact online counselling services too. 

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