Different Types of Addiction & How Mental Health Counselling Helps?

different types of addiction & how mental health counselling helps?

In the present stressful environment, people seek out to the experiences which make them feel happy and relax. Those experiences could be talking you a friend, going out for shopping, having a glass of beer or taking doses of a drug. But when these experiences become a state of mind where mind focuses on following them despite their harmful consequences then it leads to addiction. An addict has lack of self-control. He wants to abstain, but could not resist the temptation.

What is Addiction? Addiction is a state of mind where mind’s dependence on substances or behaviours is uncontrollable which in turn limits an individual’s thought process and diminishes the quality of life.  Addiction is caused by a combination of behavioural, biological and environmental factors.  Medically, addiction is caused when human brain releases certain chemicals that trigger the feeling of pleasure. These chemicals mimic the action of the brain’s natural pleasure chemicals but don’t activate the brain to respond in natural manner as its natural chemical messengers do.

Consequently, it motivates the patient to repeat the pleasurable experience and leads to addiction of that experience. Psychological cause of addiction is people’s beliefs and thoughts. Our thoughts and beliefs create feelings which in turn determine our behaviour.  If our feelings are unrealistic, our behaviour will be reflected in a similar sense.

Types of Addiction, Broadly, addiction can be categorised in two categories- Behavioural addiction and substance addiction. While, most of us are familiar with substance addiction like alcohol and drug addiction, behavioural addiction is somewhat treated as taboo. And to deal with behavioural addiction, comes the role of mental health counselling.

The decision to speak out about ones’ behavioural issues is not easy and it mandates a high degree of trust between the speaker and the listener. Psychologists and online counselling platforms like BetterLYF Wellness provide confidential medium to help people deal with their behavioural changes and help them become mentally strong. Online psychologists have developed certain techniques that help people sort out their problems and manage life without addiction.

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