Generation Gap: Who is Responsible for This? How To Bridging this gap

generation gap: who is responsible

The generation gap is the differences between two generations, one is an old generation while the other is the new one, in terms of values, actions, morals, social norms, and their lifestyle. The generation gap isn’t as wide as what we think it is. However, due to the advancement and innovations of technologies, the new generations tends to focus more on the gadgets and appliances nowadays while the old generations became isolated on their way of doing things that they are used to.

Other evidences of generation gap are the lifestyle of two generations and their actions towards certain things. All the people from different generations have their own moral and values with different lifestyle thus creating such generation gap.

Youth from the older generation before technology have evolve focused on socializing with the people that surround them. They always have communication whether it is those who have the same age of them or even those that are older from them. If compared to the youth from this generation, they focus more on facing their gadgets not minding the people that surround them anymore because they tend to socialize other people through the use of gadgets and not in person.


Moreover, the older generation are more comfortable in socializing and doing things that don’t require gadgets or more advanced technologies while the latter tends to do things with their gadgets and other technologies beside them thus creating a gap. With this, communication barriers occur and this is the advantage brought by this gap brought by technologies.


But this doesn’t mean that this problem cannot be addressed. There are many ways to do such to fully lessen this generation gap. The first thing we need to do is to remember that, “Time always runs and changes the generations, this is one of the biggest truths of life and no one can deny it.” We must instil in our minds that in this world that we live in, everything changes and that nothing is constant in this world but only change itself. In doing so, one must have the courage to accept everything that has changed but also doing the things that one has used to. But this doesn’t also mean that the older generation is the only one that should adopt the changing world, but these new generations should also respect and do some things that older generations do.

We should not let technology overpower our capabilities to socialize people in the real world and open ourselves to the people that surrounds us in real life, not in virtual life.


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