How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Now that we are past the last day of the year 2019, and starting to implement new year resolutions, here are few things that will help you keep promises-

1. Find Your “WHY”

Be intentional WHY you want to choose a GOAL. A clear reason helps in keeping us internally motivated.

2. Practice Patience

Achieving goals require patience, changes do not happen overnight. Change is a process. It is natural to relapse, but it is important to bounce back.

3. Take Small Steps

Dividing major goals into small, achievable sub-goals helps us keeping the motivation intact. When we achieve goals, we feel confident that the ultimate goal can also be achieved.

4. Put Plan To Paper

Writing down your goals and your plans will help you bring more clarity and accountability.

5. Drop The “Should”

There is often shame that is subtly embedded in the language of ‘should,’ which sets us up to feel really bad about ourselves when we don’t meet our goals. Let go of it. “I want to do it” rather than I should do it.

6. Identify The Pit Fall

It is important that we figure potential failures and pitfalls. It is good to have plans etched to preempt it or have a Plan B for the same goal.

7. Make It Fun

By making the goal fun or interesting would help us stick to it in the long run. For instance when you hit the gym keep your favorite playlist ready!

8. Find Your Tribe

Be around people who are trying for similar goals or support you in achieving them.

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