Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now

Google algorithms always play a crucial role in Google search engine result page ranking. Google always updates their algorithms, they updates almost every day but not any harshed effects are done in our website due to minor algorithms change but from the beginning Google launch 8 Major updates that change the concept of website. You are not able to do any stuffing and cheat code in your website. Today I am going to discuss about the most important algo changes and penalties rolled out in the recent years, with a brief explanations and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) advice on each.

Lists of 8 major Google Algorithms Updates

  1. Panda Updates
  2. Penguin Updates
  3. Hummingbird Updates
  4. Pigeon Updates
  5. Mobile Updates
  6. Rank Brain Updates
  7. Possum Updates
  8. Fred Updates

Brief explanation and penalties of Google algorithm

Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  1. PANDA UPDATES: – Google launched this updates on 24th of February 2011 lots of website fall down on their search engine result page due to this update and this is Google first updates. Due to this Duplicate, plagiarized or thin content, user-generated spams, keyword stuffing websites are affected. Panda assigned quality score for website page by checking this and lowered the rank of those website that get low quality score. Panda was basically a filter but on January 2016 it was officially a core algorithm. Best solution to adjust our website is to check our website on regular basis and remove duplicate and thin content, spams and keyword stuffing.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  2. PENGUIN UPDATES: – Google launched this update on 24th of April 2012 this affect Spams or irrelevant links, links with over-optimized anchor text. These types of website are affected due to this updates and we resolves this affect with regular backlink check and also became Google core algorithm in late 2016.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  3. HUMMINGBIRD UPDATES: – Google launched this updates on 22nd of August 2013 it works on keyword stuffing and thin content. Hummingbird helps Google better interpret search queries and provide results that match searcher intent (as opposed to the individual terms within the query). While keywords continue to be important, Hummingbird makes it possible for a page to rank for a query even if it doesn’t contain the exact words the searcher entered. This is achieved with the help of natural language processing that relies on latent semantic indexing, co-occurring terms and synonyms. We resolve this by Expanding our keyword research and focus on concepts, not keywords. Carefully research related searches, synonyms and co-occurring terms. Great sources of such ideas are Google Related Searches and Google Autocomplete.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  4. PIGEON UPDATES: – Google launched this updates on 24th of July 2014 (US), 22nd of December 2014 (UK, Canada, Australia) it effects on and off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Pigeon affects those searches in which the user’s location plays an important part. The update creates closer ties between the local algorithm and the core algorithm, traditional SEO factors are now used to rank local results. To adjust this effect Invest effort into on- and off-page SEO.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  5. MOBILE UPDATES : – Google launched this updates on 21st of April 2015 it mainly works on mobile friendly page and affect ranking of website on mobile searches to adjust this update our website speed and make website pages mobile friendly.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  6. RANKBRAIN UPDATES:- Google launched this updates on 26th of October 2015 it is mainly a part of hummingbird updates and it is a machine learning systems that serve best-matching search results in response to those queries. It affects Lack of query-specific relevance features, shallow content, poor UX and adjusts this effect after removing these terms like keyword stuffing, thin content.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  7. POSSUM UPDATES: – Google launched this update on 1st of September 2016 and it ensured that local results vary more depending on the searcher’s location: the closer you are to a business’s address, the more likely you are to see it among local results. To adjust this Expand our keyword list and do location-specific rank tracking.Major Google Algorithms Updates Till Now
  8. FRED UPDATES: – Google launched this update on 8th of March 2018 and it works on Thin, affiliate-heavy or ad-centered content. It targets websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. The majority of affected sites are blogs with low-quality posts that appear to be created mostly for the purpose of generating ad revenue. To adjust it read Google webmaster guideline and worked on it and watch out for thin content.

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