Marriage Counseling- How It Helps? An Overview Of Marriage Counseling

marriage counseling- how It helps
There is no better thing for two people who love each other is marriage.
– Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him )
Marriage is a beautiful institution. It is an overwhelming experience when the spark of love is alive from both sides. But marriage is a roller coaster ride, it doesn’t always sun shines there will be darkness as well. If the conflicts that arise gets resolved, marriage can last forever. Many times the insufficiency yo sustain the marriage ends up in divorce.

Although India has a lowest divorce rates yet. One of the articles stated that India is a land of unhappy marriages. It shows how big a societal taboo is divorce in India which forces unhappy couples to stay in abusive or sad relationships.

Troubles in martial paradise is stressful. We are here to provide counselling sessions for anyone who wants advices or any suggestions to reach a concerte conclusion in their personal lives for marriage or relationships. Marriage is a beautiful bond which two people establish for a lifetime to keep love and beauty alive in the bond one needs efforts. To manage conflicts and stress, couples sometimes turn to marriage counseling or couples counseling to help heal the relationship. Learn more about marriage counseling. We will enlighten you regarding what can be done to blossom your relationship.

How Marriage Counseling Helps?

how marriage counseling helps

1. Compatibility is the key. Marriage is a lifetime decision. Its a union of hearts. There’s no marriage where the hearts are bound together in love and peace. The heart is the seat of all emotions. You’re mentally divorced when you are not willing to give your heart to a person. You may fit in there but you don’t belong there.
2. There is a difference between a wedding and a marriage. A marriage is built on the basis of trust, communication love, forgiveness and generosity. with time many relationships prosper and some get decayed. The bond that decays are not marriage, they are wedding which includes all lavish celebrations but has nothing good to offer. It is often done to please others. Marriages are supposed to soothe yourself. Moreover, marriage between man and woman should be an act of love. People around us give you an outdated reason in a modern millennium to get married early or when nothing else is working out. It’s high time to understand that marriage is a choice and more precisely the right of a person to choose when they want to exit their bachelor’s phase and get settled.
3. A voice of a woman is revolutionary. A newly released Titan raga ad promoted by Katrina Kaif is based on the message on marriages, it compels is to think over the idea of when is the ideal time to married. She shares a piece of advice for women who opt for marriage under the immense societal pressure that they are nothing without a significant other. Katrina asks all women to choose marriage when they find the man who deserves their time. Marrying when you are not ready, will only seizes you in depression leaving an ugly impact on one’s existence. From family reputation to ‘ log kya kahenge ’, our close ones resort to using any possible way to avoid the unthinkable.
4. The best time to prevent a divorce is before marriage. Ignorance of all the powers within you is the cause of all the marital troubles. Learn how to attract the right wife or husband. Before you enter into a relationship you must learn that a man and a woman must be united in real love or sense of oneness.
5. A mistake a person can ever do is to display the unhappy side of one’s marriage to others. It’s good to remember that no two human beings ever lived beneath the same roof without clashes and strains. Never discuss your marital problems with anyone except a trained counsellor. Why allow people to think negatively of your marriage? The quickest way in the world get things resolved is consulting a marriage counsellor.
6. The wife and the husband must cease being scavengers, always looking at the petty faults or shortcomings in each other. Let each give attention and praise to the positive and wonderful qualities in each other. This is you sail through.
We all are unique. Don’t try to be a second version of your spouse. This pointless attempt ruins everything and sometimes result in the dissolution of marriage.
7. Staying married for the sake of children you have. Its a state of inertia. Not being able to terminate the bond because of your child. It gives you a feeling of imprisonment.ensuing stagnation and frustration make mediocre marriages even worse.
Relationships are enthralling but it takes every ounce of sincerity and hard work to make it work. If we neglect our responsibilities towards our marriages or relationships it will become an outright reason for a person’s unhappiness and break up. Your friends at betterlyf can help you to makeover your bond with and bring back it your pristine glory. A trained marriage counsellor can help you guide your boat to the shore and bring back lost tranquillity and happiness in your life.

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