Signs You’re Not Doing Well After A Relationship Break-up

Signs You're Not Doing Well After A Relationship Break-up

Break up can be a distressing experience for a person. When a breakup happens you got ridiculous advice from others regarding how you should be dealing with the breakup. We can do a thing just listen to them because these advice you are getting from friends and family. This is a matter of inner feeling in short matters of the heart so its difficult to process these negative feeling that has been left after a break-up.

It take time and will power to process these feelings and some time right guidance can also make a difference in someone’s life. But how you can check that you are doing right here is a checklist that can tell how you doing after a breakup.

Signs You’re Not Doing Well After a Breakup

1. You are no longer able to find joy in doing the things that you enjoyed most.

2. Self-isolating behaviours taking you like a storm and you start living within your premises.

3. You are not able to process your relationship failure, not able to acknowledge what went wrong in your relationship.

4. Unhealthy change in eating and sleeping habits.

5. You start stalking your ex, following her/him on social media and other places.

6. Looking for the rebound instantaneously.

7. Badmouthing about your ex and not letting it go.

These are the top signs that you are not doing well in your life after a breakup. If you got the question of how you can overcome these problems then here are some of the top ways to deal with the break up feeling.

Overcome Breakup Feeling

1. Express your feeling by writing it down. Writing out your thoughts in a journal or talking to a therapist can help you process and gain the transparency you need to see why the relationship didn’t work.

2. Have some company of beautiful minds or something that can divert your mind from the break-up thoughts. Some people who are in grief or sad get some extraordinary results by adopting a pet. Sometimes a pet can be very helpful to overcome the negative thoughts because of his unconditional love and emotional support.

3. Give yourself a break, You may not be able to be quite as productive but no one is a superman or superwoman. Take time to heal and re-energize.

4. You need to take care of your health. Poor eating habits can give you a hard time. Breakup gives you mental pain and not taking care of your Apatite will break you physically. So eat rich in fiber, protein and nutrients food.

5. Get involved in physical activity. To deal with stress that caused by a break up you need to do exercise. It improves cognitive functioning and boosts your mood.

6. You had a bad break up but remember life doesn’t end there you need to learn move on. Do things you love, give it time if you lose interest things will turn out the way it has too. Try to the moment and smile to heal yourself.

These are the things you can do to heal yourself after a breakup. But sometimes you need advice from the profession for your relationship or dealing with a break up. For relationship advice, you can go for relationship counselling and deal with a break up you can seek for breakup counselling from the expert counsellors.

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